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Mountain Ridge
Next Generation

Each student at Mountain Ridge will receive a Chromebook to use for the entire school year.  Schools referred to this as being one-to-one (1:1), because there is one device for each student.  Students will be expected to bring their Chromebook to class each day.

Parent Resources and Important Steps

Students will be expected to bring their Chromebook to school each day.  Chromebook use will depend on each teacher and will vary daily.  Chromebooks are an important learning tool and students should come prepared with a charged device so they can connect, discover, create and share.

Each student will receive a charging cable with their Chromebook. Each Chromebook and charging cable will be labeled with an identifying sticker with student name and student ID.

When a Chromebook is charged each night, the device will work the entire school day. Students should make charging the Chromebook a daily routine to ensure the device is ready to be used each school day.

Sign Skyward Forms -**MUST DO THIS**

For students to use the internet and be issued a Chromebook, a parent or guardian will need to electronically sign two permission forms; the AUP Parent Permission Form and the Technology Usage form which can be found in the Parent Portal on Skyward.

Click below to access the Parent Skyward Portal. Log in, then go to the AUP and Technology Usage forms to fill out the required information.

Access to the Parent Skyward Portal is available now.

BLOCKSI - Management

Blocksi Parent Manager gives parents more control over student computer use. Parents can enforce time restrictions and content restrictions on Chromebooks. Parents can also receive notifications when blocked content is accessed or searched on a student device.

Below is a link on Blocksi and a tutorial video.



Canvas Observer allows parents and guardians to see what is going on in their student's Canvas courses. Parents can view due dates, teacher comments, scores, and grades.

This feature will be available mid August when classes are loaded into Canvas.

Parents can only add this feature through their students’ Canvas accounts.

Canvas is only used in grades 7-12 in Alpine School District.

A Blended Learning Model

Blended teaching is a purposeful blend or combination of two instructional modalities: in-person and online. The instructional components of online and in-person are essential to learning and promote each other when used together. Effective blended learning combines the best of online and in-person instruction. 

Our goal as a school is to effectively use the blended learning model, combining the online experiences with existing classroom-based activities to maximize and deeper student learning.

Student Digital Citizenship Curriculum

We are committed to teaching our students the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are essential in using digital technology.  It is important that each student understands how to be a safe and productive digital citizen. The Digital Citizenship curriculum was created by ASD Technology Specialists. Below are the district core values that students will learn and practice during the school year.

Digital Footprint

 Students will be able to define the term digital footprint and understand that their digital footprint is permanent.

  • Students will explore and understand how their digital footprint can lead others to draw conclusions (both positive and negative) about who they are.
  • Students will reflect what responsibility they have to themselves and others as they post to social media regarding their digital footprint.

Digital Privacy

  • Students will be able to define online tracking and describe how companies use it.
  • Students will be able to identify the benefits and drawbacks of online tracking to both companies and users.
  • Students will analyze specific examples of online tracking and take a position for or against them.

Communication & Relationships

  • Students will be able to identify the types of messages that might cause a red flag feeling for someone.
  • Students will be able to use the Feelings & Options thinking routine to analyze and respond to a situation involving a red flag feeling.
  • Students will understand what professional communication is, and when it should be used.


  • Students will be able to identify examples of online behaviors that may hurt, embarrass, or offend others.
  • Students will know what steps to take to help themselves and others from being cyberbullied.

Media Balance

  • Students will be able to identify research trends related to the impact of screen time on mental and emotional health.
  • Students will be able to reflect on the nature of their own screen time and how it compares to that of healthy users.

Chromebook Insurance

We are excited to provide each student at MRJH a Chromebook. We are also aware of the possibility of the Chromebook being damaged, lost or stolen. Like other school property that is used by students, if a device is lost, stolen or damaged, a fine will be assessed. Full replacement of a device is $150.00. Repairable damage is $50.00. Damage or lost power supplies $30.00. Intentional damage, loss or theft of the device is full cost of replacement. The district has provided an insurance option that you can pay to insure the Chromebook device. The cost to insure your Chromebook is $25.00, no deductible, up to one year. Insurance will need to be renewed annually. Use the link to access the insurance document.